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The Kyrgyz Republic and Bribes in the Classroom: Increase Wages and Oversight, Decrease Corruption by Thomas J. Bussen

Corruption in the classrooms of the Kyrgyz Republic is widespread, common, and open.  It takes place in primary schools, up to and through the university levels.[1]  The result is a diminished quality of education for the students of this small, former Soviet nation, and a normalizing of bribery among young people. The behavior at issue … Continue reading

Cheating at schools: integrity pledges experiment in Lithuania by TI Lithuanian Chapter

In Lithuania, we wanted to test easily implemented measures such as integrity pledges to boost the culture of integrity at schools and see how effective these measures are in practice. An integrity pledge is a student’s written promise to behave honestly during an assignment. They promise to perform their work in an honest manner and … Continue reading

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