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Six lessons learned on tackling corruption in Kosovo* by Shqipe Neziri Vela, Manager of the anti-corruption program, UNDP Kosovo

Until lately efforts to fight corruption, both in practice and literature, were merely based on the myths of the top-down approach, a misconception that the citizens cannot make a difference if there is no institutional support. Interventions were focused on convincing institutions to give citizens space to have their voices heard. Instead, we have failed … Continue reading

“You measure what you treasure”: key lessons from Australia’s My School by Dondon Parafina

“You measure what you treasure,” says a co-delegate in the study visit to Australia sponsored by UNESCO and hosted by Australia’s Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). When it comes to public access to data, you should ask for what matters. No just any data, but something that impacts people’s lives. In the education sector, … Continue reading

Educating for Responsible Management: Putting Theory into Practice, edited by Jennifer Leigh and Roz Sunley

To equip and empower our business leaders of the future, we need to educate for critical thinking, ethical behavior and questioning minds. While many academic journals, websites, conferences and teaching resources testify to growing interest in Responsible management education (RME), attention has been focused on the initiative itself rather than how management educators prepare themselves, … Continue reading

Management of Academic Integrity in Higher Education across the European Union

The results of a substantial study of over 200 higher education institutions across 27 European Union countries revealed that, for different reasons, academics often do not raise concerns following formal institutional procedures when they suspect students have been cheating. In addition different views were evident about what was acceptable student conduct regarding higher education assessment. … Continue reading

Not the usual suspects: Largest survey on EU academic corruption

Academic corruption is a huge and growing market. Long-term demand is strong: education is worldwide by far the most accepted tool of moving ahead socially.[1] A university degrees is generally regarded as the key to entering a managerial position, while the gap between management compensation and blue-collar pay has been steadily growing for decades. In … Continue reading

A student’s view on transparency and anti-corruption

Transparency and corruption free education are not only crucial for high quality education but for equal access to education – two of the most important goals of the European Students’ Union (ESU). Therefore, the implication of students in combatting corruption is crucial and can be supported through student ownership of their own education and student … Continue reading

Anti Corruption: Implementing Curriculum Change in Management Education

Is there a need for an anti-corruption curriculum in management education? How can guidelines for ethics and anti-corruption education be implemented in various classroom settings, ranging from undergraduate to executive education programmes? Answers to these questions can be found in the new Greenleaf Publication “Anti-Corruption: Implementing Curriculum Change in Management Education” in the UN PRME … Continue reading

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